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The Only True Person of Christmas

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in Blog, Food for Thought, Memories | 4 comments

As Christmas Day approaches and life becomes busier and busier, I thought it would be nice to pause for just a moment and consider the days ahead…

The presents are wrapped, tucked under the tree
And now I wait, rather impatiently. . .
I’ve gone over my list, then I’ve checked it twice
For my family, you see, I want everything nice.
 The day’s fast approaching; most of my family is near.
With joy and gratitude I hold back my tears
Never forgetting for a moment the reason we’ll gather:
Jesus is our focus; nothing more really matters.
We’ll laugh and build memories throughout our grand day
That over the years such memories will play
A role most tender and overflowing with pleasure
That we’ll be glad we have such moments to treasure.
Memories are special; they’re made each Christmas,
To be stored in the hearts of every last one of us.
They are precious to all in their own little way
Remembered, smiled upon with each passing day:
The turkey, its name, the hot gravy and cranberries
—for some, that dish will be passed in a hurry—
The crackers with hats, and those silly little toys…
They’ll demand full attention for us all to enjoy.
But, we must never forget in the rush and the hurry
In the planning, the baking and oftentimes fury
The real reason we’ll be gathering ‘round our tables:
To remember a Child born to us in a stable.
He fulfilled ancient prophets’ long ago words.
His love knows no measure. He’s our Messiah, our Lord.
He brings Peace on Earth for all who will listen
As we celebrate the Only true Person of Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all, please hear:
A very happy and healthy and contented New Year.
Doug and Ruth Waring



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  1. Heather

    It’s a treat to read your poem. It is beautiful, well-written and goes straight to the reason Christmas is celebrated, May our Lord bless you this Christmas.

  2. Darlene L Turner

    Awesome poem, Ruth. Thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Darlene (and Jeff!) xo

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