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$1440 / 1440 minutes. One you bank. The other you spend!

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Have you ever given much thought to the ticking of the clock? How about the hourly chimes on the grandfather clock in the hallway or the smaller version on the wall?  I think the only time I really pay attention to the passing of minutes is when I’m in a hurry, or I’m late for an appointment, or someone is late in coming for dinner. Then I become a clock watcher!

Time is precious; you only have to ask a person in their eighties or nineties!

Our lives have often been compared to the seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Listening to teenage grandchildren talk of their hopes and dreams and watching them giggle as secrets are hinted at, stirs up memories…at least for some of us!…years when life held promise and the fall and winter of our lives were not even on our radar. But just ask a grandmother who is in the midst of her winter years and she is very quick to comment on how fast time flies.

I remember my mother making a comment when I was in the middle of the toddler years and yearning for some adult time, some alone time, some freedom! “Dear, there will come a time you will wish they were still in diapers!”

As if!!

But you know what? She was right! Watching a young mom struggle with a crying infant and two unruly children took me back to a time when I thought there was nothing in this world beyond diapers, colicky babies, and the fear of raising my children poorly. Then I found myself saying the very same words my mother said to me—or close to them— “Enjoy the years! They will be gone too quickly.”

Does saying that date me? Perhaps! But it is also a reminder of the 1440 minutes I have in a twenty-four hour period. How am I using them? Will I be productive? Will I go to bed at night satisfied? Or will I lie awake and look into the darkness and wish I could have those 1440 minutes over again?

I can also hear my mother saying, “What’s done is done, Dear. You can’t relive the day.” Again, she was right!

I’m already into the next 1440 minutes…how will I use them? How will you use yours?

We plan the way we want to live,
but only God makes us able to live it.

Proverbs 16:9

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  1. Heather

    So thankful that as Christians we don’t have to wait for the new year to make resolutions on how we want to live. We can make every day and/or minute a new one with Him.

    • Ruth Waring

      Appreciate your comments, Heather. They remind me of a quote my Uncle Vic wrote in the first Guest Book we ever had: “Only one life, ’twill soon be past; only
      what’s done for Christ will last.” A very sobering thought!

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