SHARING and CARING…it’s what LIFE is all about!

Writing Our Yesterdays

Why write about our Yesterdays?

…because everyone has a story and it’s waiting to be heard!

As a child, I watched a black and white TV program entitled I Remember Mama (check it out on YouTube). In storybook form, the program portrayed the story of a Norwegian family living in San Francisco at the turn of the twentieth century. The oldest daughter, Katrin loved sharing family stories and did it with such simplicity. As a child, I was hooked! I was going to grow up like Katrin and do the same thing! I was going to write my story!

Much like Katrin (and me!), there are individuals who yearn to tell their stories, to put down on paper the details of their lives—be them happy or sad, non-eventful or off the wall in wonder and disbelief. And they set off on the journey with gusto and determination to preserve their memories.

But there are individuals who have no idea where to begin. And even if they were daring enough to accept the challenge, they have no one to offer them direction or a starting point, or some encouragement to continue once started.

In my efforts to share what I’ve learned—and I am always open to learning—I am drawn to these BEGINNERS who desire to dive into the deep waters of writing their memoir but are too afraid to put their toe in the water.

Writing Our Yesterdays wants to encourage these individuals, teaching and learning along the way. And the reward? Watching these individuals get excited as they discover that writing their memoir will provide unforgettable and amazing insights into their past that are invaluable, not only to themselves, but to other members of their family for generations to come.

To Publish or not to publish…that is the question!

Over time, a desire may grow to have one’s collection of warm, inspiring, sometimes life-changing vignettes available to the masses through the publishing world. There are a multitude of resources for excelling to this level of writing. The intent of Writing Our Yesterdays is to offer help and suggestions on getting started and will defer to those who can offer insight and direction on preparing one’s manuscript for a potential publisher.

So with these thoughts in mind, let’s start preserving our stories!