SHARING and CARING…it’s what LIFE is all about!

Then Came A Hush

Two women. Two journeys. One God.
Evelyn Sherwood has reached a crossroad: she can no longer deny God’s existence by ignoring Him. Too much has happened. But now what? Will she acknowledge a faith that comes only from God and accept Christ as the Messiah for the Nation of Israel? Will her past continue to haunt her, or can she trust the Christ of the New Testament with her future? Guilt, grief, and anger threaten the right decision as God continues to bring turmoil into her life in His patient pursuit of one of His chosen people.
Abby Waters has loved and worshipped God since childhood. Nothing has weakened or challenged her faith, not even nine years at the hand of an abusive husband. She always believed God would intervene, would protect her, would change her husband. But when the unthinkable happens, she wishes her husband dead and she runs, not just from her husband, but from God.
Faith, trust, hope and justice entwine these two women in a friendship that bridges the gap between a grandmother and a young woman, both running, both needing God. Amidst their fears, will they hear God’s gentle whisper, will they feel His quiet hush? Can they trust a God they cannot see?