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About Ruth

Currently living in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, Ruth is married to Doug, her high school sweetheart! She is mother of three adult children and Nana to three grandchildren. Ruth lived her primary years in the hub of Toronto where the world of writing entered her life. The question of Why I Want a Dog at a Canadian National Exhibition contest was duly answered and chosen from among 15,000 letters. An English cocker spaniel puppy, dubbed Susie, entered Ruth’s life and her love for dogs began.

In the early and mid 1980’s, Ruth worked for evangelist, Dr. Barry Moore, and then in the early 1990’s she became the Office Coordinator for three years for the London Area Right to Life.  Spending the next twelve years with The Navigators of Canada, Ruth believes that the Navs one-on-one ministry exemplifies the ministry God has brought into her life over the last several years.

For over 18 years Ruth has been documenting her memoir. She has held seminars entitled Yes! There is a Story in You and thrives on encouraging others to discover the value of recording their memoir.  Through her desire to grow as a writer, Ruth has frequently attended Write! Canada, a three-day national Christian writer’s conference held in Toronto, Ontario.

In 2004 she established Women Writing for Christ (WWC) in London, Ontario, a writing club for Christian women and established the second chapter in 2008 in Lindsay. She has written several poems for friends and relatives and has authored three novels: Come Find Me (Word Alive Press, January 2010)—a finalist with Word Alive Press and  The Word Guild in 2010— and the sequel, Then Came a Hush (Word Alive Press, October 2011). Her third book, Harvest of Lies, is Word Alive Press’s 2016 award-winning novel and the recipient of the Novel-Contemporary Award for 2017 with The Word Guild.

Ruth sees herself as a snowflake on top of an iceberg in the publishing world, but is quick to add, “But I AM on the iceberg!

Beyond her passion for writing, Ruth has a sharing/caring speaking ministry that addresses life issues from a biblical perspective. She also teaches a women’s Bible study and enjoys mentoring young moms whenever the opportunity arises.