SHARING and CARING…it’s what LIFE is all about!

Exercise 1

EXERCISE 1Things to write about

Take a couple of minutes to focus on some memories. Ask yourself the questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How and write down the first 10 that come to mind.

Now, print EXERCISE #1worksheet. Pick one of the memories on the list. SET YOUR TIMER FOR 5 MINUTES and write! There is room for 20 thoughts for those who are really stimulated!


  • Don’t take time to think or organize your thoughts. Just write!
  • Don’t take time to edit, erase or scratch out. Just write!
  • Don’t take time to create a masterpiece of literature. Just write! This is the first draft!
  • Do enjoy the journey! This is not school; there is no right or wrong!

Download Exercise 1 Worksheet