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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Then Came A Hush

You have a wonderful way of holding me in suspense and yet giving enough information to want to ‘figure out’ what could be next. Thank you for writing novels that are riveting, true to life, intense, tender and filled with Philippians 4:8. This is the grid verse I put movies and books through if I am going to read and recommend them to others. I am now waiting for the third! Lucille – Pennsylvania

Ruth, in my heart, you have another winner for HIS glory. This gift HE has given you, you have chosen to move forward, perhaps at times with uncertainty, but never the less, you have picked up the torch HE has challenged you with and put your trust in HIM. We as your readers, reap the results. Sharlene – Ontario

Hello, my dear Ruth. Wow…what an incredible and moving story of hope and overcoming incredible odds. Thanks for sharing. Sharon – Ontario

Just finished reading your book. What a page turner. Again you have done a wonderful job. This book will touch many people in many ways (especially those who read #1) and you should feel very proud. Susan – Ontario

And to think it all started from an exercise at our writers’ group. Incredible! Stephanie – Ontario

Isn’t that amazing! I suppose most novels start from a single germ of an idea, but still this is really cool! Janet – Nova Scotia

This is a haunting, moving story that needs to be told. Be prepared for an emotional journey as the author, through careful weaving of personalities and events, takes you to the heights of laughter, to the deep love of friendship, and even to a turbulent, unsettling rage. Then Came a Hush is the story of how God’s love brings healing to the hurting in a modern-day version of the Good Samaritan. It’s the story of how God’s love—lived out in His creation, His word, and His church—can bring freedom. Susan – Ontario

If you have never known the intensity of spousal abuse firsthand, Then Came a Hush will provide you with a depth of understanding of various aspects of the abusive personality, as well as a profound compassion for the plight of one being abused…. Not to be discounted is Waring’s ability to present the intense inner conflict that Christians experience when they are on the receiving end of such abuse. Certified Pastoral Counsellor – Ontario

Then Came a Hush spoke to my Jewish roots, my experiences in life, and my love of the Lord. I was drawn into the characters’ lives from the first page. Be aware that at times you will find yourself on the edge of your seat, hoping and praying for the characters as they come to life. I can only imagine how the author felt as she created each character with love, as she wove the tapestry of so many lives—intertwining them so seamlessly and then watching as they took on a life of their own. You are right there with them, laughing and crying through their joy and pain. The authenticity and depth of Then Came a Hush reveals God’s never-ending capacity to bring healing in our lives. Sharon – Ontario

Just a note to let you know I read your book last week and really enjoyed it. Not only was it a good read, it helps people understand more about abused women. Well done. Will there be another in the next year or so? Judy – Nova Scotia

I just wanted to tell that I love your books and hope that you will write some more. A friend of mine gave me the first one and I finished it in two days and I just devoured the second one. Thank you for being a wonderful Christian fiction writer. They are hard to find. Keep writing. Kathy – Ontario