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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Harvest of Lies

Harvest of Lies is a heart-stirring story full of important truths we are too often tempted to ignore in our daily lives. It is powerful and full of hope, while never shying away from the consequences of our daily choices. Ruth’s characters come alive on the page and her authentic style rivets the reader from beginning to end. It is a book I look forward to reading again, and sharing with others.

Kathy L. — Ontario

Ruth Waring is a gifted storyteller. As she has so successfully done in her previous two novels, she draws her readers very quickly into the lives of her characters, and you find yourself believing they are real people. The title, Harvest of Lies, is eye-catching, and as you turn the first page, you can’t help but be quickly caught up in the mystery and deception, wondering who is lying and why. As an avid reader, this novel has become one of my favourites. I couldn’t stop turning the pages, even into the early hours of the morning.

Luella S. — Ontario

It’s a huge challenge when you find yourself caring for someone with dementia. Day-to-day events are as unpredictable as the symptoms of the disease itself. Harvest of Lies is a very compelling and realistic account of a family’s journey through a diagnosis of early-onset dementia, with the lives of Spencer and Dianne Ralston becoming further complicated by the appearance of a stranger. The result is a very intriguing storyline. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Simply put, Harvest of Lies is a good read.

Marie M. — Ontario

Harvest of Lies captures your attention immediately and keeps you guessing about what is going to happen next. After each page of reading, I was compelled to turn to the next. I could not put the book down! It is written in such a way that it reveals an accurate approach to how our past sins can come back to haunt us if they are not dealt with in a transparent and biblical way. The theme of God’s love and forgiveness is very evident and woven throughout the story, but not in a traditional way of things working out the way one expects. Although appearing normal on the surface, the story is a web of family dysfunction and deceit that is eventually exposed, yet God allows a grace-filled ending which will keep you guessing. Harvest of Lies is a great read and Ruth does a great job with various twists and turns in the story. I highly recommend it!

Pastor Vic G.— Ontario

It’s good to be back in Thystle Creek, and Ruth Waring has done a great job in getting us there! We visit with Spencer and Dianne Ralston, who are living with a debilitating condition while holding on to precious yet painful memories; Elsa Mesick, who is driven by destructive anger; and her little girl, who innocently and unknowingly provides the light to the future. And in the midst of this dysfunctional setting, Ruth has cleverly woven a path to the discovery of long-kept secrets and unexpected strengths. In Harvest of lies,  one will find faith, hope, and love, and as we have been told, the greatest of these is love.

Laura V. — Ontario

I stopped often to ponder Ruth’s descriptions of the characters and their roles in Harvest of Lies. Her authentic portrayals of Spencer and Dianne Ralston, Elsa Mesick, and even little Sammie brought to life the emotions of a hurting and complex situation and compelled me to eagerly turn the pages. The challenges of living with a spouse who has dementia are accurately displayed as the unfolding of gradual loss takes place, and this will encourage anyone who reads Harvest of Lies to reflect on the value of truthfulness and the need to repair broken relationships before it becomes impossible. A reader’s heart can’t help but swell with emotion when transgressions are finally acknowledged and the beauty of forgiveness is offered.

 Sally V. — Ontario

Human creation has been blessed with God’s plan for people to relate well and enjoy being connected to each other. Even though His plan was marred, He did not give up on His original intention and made a way to restore the possibilities through the sacrificial death of Jesus. Ruth Waring, through her excellent storytelling in Harvest of Lies, depicts several aspects of this restorative process with a focus on forgiveness. Forgiveness is powerful and, when freely given and freely received, results in restored connections between people. However, lack of forgiveness is also extremely powerful in keeping people divided and disconnected from each other. The latter causes negative and hurtful consequences, resulting in great unhappiness and bitterness. This is true particularly for the one withholding forgiveness, but it also spills over to everyone it touches. Ruth’s treatment of this topic of forgiveness through the vehicle of storytelling is realistic and poignant and causes the reader to look at their own understanding and practice of forgiveness.

Gail N. — Ontario