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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Come Find Me

I have read many Christian novels but yours is most excellent. I loved it because it did not follow any of the usual formula. Your writing is unique. You managed to give so much information in such few words that your story was established quickly then moved along a path that constantly surprised me by what you didn’t do. It was a pleasure to read Come Find Me and to pass it on to some friends who are just as delighted with it. God bless you! Please write another. Rosemary – Nova Scotia

I am just letting you know I am done your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The ending was quite a surprise and I am now patiently waiting for the next book. You are an amazing writer and I am glad I got to know you. Keep up the good work and let me know when the second book is done. Kathy – Ontario

[Excerpt from an email from a book club leader]…The lady who had a different view of the beginning (and ending) of the book—when she spoke you could hear a pin drop. She liked this book best of any that we have read yet, and I know that she has really liked some of the others…. She often likes books for reasons other than that they’re a good read. The point is, when she says this was the best book she has read in book club yet, that is a high compliment… By the way, I asked her permission to tell you her story. Her answer was, “Absolutely. That’s why I wanted to share. She needs to know the good her book can do.” When I read this book, I had no idea what an emotional impact it could have. Did you understand that when you wrote it? What an incredible power and responsibility that puts on you. Wow! Book Club leader – Ontario

Because I just finished your book for the second time, my husband wondered why I was wiping my eyes since I had read it before. I am now passing it on. Keep writing the sequel as I don’t want to wait 5 years for the next one. Daryl – Ontario

Your book has had an immense impact on me. I could not put it down. I finished it this morning after I came back from a walk. I so wanted to ‘come find you’ when I had finished it. I saw so much of myself in Evelyn (Evie) with ghosts from the past. I know it has opened some new doors for me….not sure where that is going right now, but it is going to be significant for sure. I, like Evie am dealing with guilt right now…and not sure whether it is true or false guilt…perhaps a bit of both. Some of her issues are similar to mine…though by no means the same and I know there are walls that have to be broken down yet. I am by no means fully free, but I am on my way. THANK YOU for your book, Ruth. I know it is a part of my ‘journey’ forwards. M. – Ontario

 May I add my appreciation for your effort in writing this great novel? I won’t comment further except to say that I had to fight hard to control certain feelings that men are not supposed to have. But I did not cry (just almost).Oh and before we left NB (after I had finished the book) I gave it to a friend to evaluate. She has a PhD in English and teaches creative writing at Mount Allison University. She only had the book for a few hours as we were leaving to go home but she read a few chapters and was very impressed with your characters and your portrayal of them. Bill – BC

I have just finished Come Find Me and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. You wrote it beautifully. It inspired and I believe that anyone who reads it will be closer to their own journey to find Him. Bravo, my friend! You should be very proud of your creation. Also, many thanks for coming out to speak to the Uxbridge Rotary club. I know that anyone who reads your book will be as moved by it as I was. Barb – Ontario

Just a note to let you know I finally finished your book. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed! Have lots of friends who will enjoy it, too. I will be passing it along and will likely end up putting it in the library at the church. It was an easy read and so well written. I am proud of you. I tried really hard to keep the tears away while I was on the plane enroute home, but it was impossible. I was happy that I was snuggled up against the window….so moving!! Of course, the Jewish input was very interesting to me so I had great empathy for Evelyn. God bless you in your writing endeavours. Joan – Arizona

I have finished your wonderful novel, Come Find Me. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I think you are a wonderful writer! I loved your characters–all of them, and I even liked the home you had Evelyn live in and of course her dog Trickster was a neat addition too–I kinda wished you would have called her Tricksie,–I guess it sounds more feminine–silly me! You wove another intriguing story about Jews and how the ramifications of becoming Christians can influence their family members like Evelyn. Evelyn’s guilt and hatred and the wall she built around herself were so real–I’m sure many can relate. Thanks gain and I know that my girls will love your book. Sarah will probably wish it could be made into a movie so she could audition for Lucy! Linda – Alberta

I was enthralled by Come Find Me. The writing was so elegant, the characters so real and authentic, and the setting so life-like. It reminded me of something I might have read once by Margaret Laurence or Carol Shields. Come Find Me chronicles the journey of a Jewish woman struggling with her faith in God. The story spans her entire life, making the book very much a portrait of a woman. Obviously, to pull this off, the central character would have to be exceptionally handled, and it is. The character of Evelyn is vibrant and alive. Her struggles feel significant and easy to relate to. The complexity of characterization Ruth displays in her writing is, in my experience, a very rare skill. Evan, editor – Manitoba

Loved it! Stayed up till 2:00 a.m. to finish it. I was lying in bed wiping my eyes. I loved the ending. That certainly was a surprise. I didn’t see it coming. Super book! Linda – Ontario