SHARING and CARING…it’s what LIFE is all about!

Come Find Me

Some say harbouring secrets cultivates disaster, and Evelyn Sherwood’s secrets are destroying her life. With her Jewish heritage forced into secrecy, Evelyn lives a life of anger and guilt behind an emotional fortress too thick for human intervention. A widow with a teenaged daughter, Evelyn has resigned herself to a self-inflicted isolation leaving her vulnerable to the sinister voice of the enemy who constantly reinforces her regret and shame. Having repeatedly rejected the prompting of her late husband to turn to the One who could provide the same peace he had found, Evelyn is now forced to live her life knowing it is too late to tell her husband her buried secrets and her reasons for rejecting his God. Can Evelyn escape the emotional fortress that she’s built to hide her secrets? Does she want to? Or, is Evelyn Sherwood caught up in a life of anger, guilt and self-condemnation?
Encompassing two generations between 1943 and 1969, Come Find Me pivots around an all-forgiving God who faithfully woos and patiently waits as reconciliation and reunion are quietly woven into the life of an embittered woman.