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Thought-Provoking One-Liners

Posted by on Aug 31, 2017 in Blog, Food for Thought, Quotes | 7 comments

Sometimes when you watch a movie, listen to a conversation between two people, or sit under the teaching of godly men (as I have done this summer), one-liners often jump out at you that are thought-provoking, often inspiring. And often applicable to where you might be on your life’s journey. For example, I heard this statement in a movie recently:

“Each of us needs a good friend to show us the best part of who we are. Everyone has their weaknesses, but also we have a special talent inside that can make the world a better place if we shared it” (The Horse Dancer, 2017).

I found myself thinking about how much we all need a good friend, one who will do more than tell us we have broccoli in our teeth or laugh at our silly jokes. Rather, someone who will challenge us if we are off base, encourage us when we are reaching up to touch bottom, and provide a tissue, if not a shoulder, when the tears flow. That’s what that comment did for me.

Have you ever experienced something like that?

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been privileged to sit under the teaching of some godly men during these nine weeks at Muskoka Bible Centre, and I’ve written almost nonstop during those teaching sessions. I’d like to share a few one-liners and trust that they will cause you to pause and think, as they did me.

•  In the midst of hostility, God is the only defence we have.
  Satan is a master planner who has customized attacks catered to our weaknesses.
•  God’s truth is your friend and your anchor!
  God offers fresh revival to our parched hearts. We only need to put down the distractions that are placing us in the drought.

In the midst of these lessons, I learned something about a butterfly that I didn’t know (and maybe you don’t either!).

butterfly2Since a butterfly is a cold-blooded creature, it cannot regulate its own body temperature. If the air temperature falls below 55ºF, the butterfly becomes immobile and is unable to escape from predators or search for nourishment. When the air temperature ranges between 82ºF-100ºF, the butterfly can fly with ease. So, every morning a butterfly lays out in the presence of the sun so that the sun’s heat will work on the butterfly’s insides and heat its blood to 80ºF- 85ºF in order for it to fly!

How did this nature lesson relate to me, and perhaps to all of us? We need to make it a practise to…

  lay in the presence of the Son to give us the strength to endure, to press on. If we want to fly, victoriously soar, lay in His presence.

I’ve had several one-on-one conversations throughout the summer, and I couldn’t help noticing how often the topic turned to our current culture, our society, and how the voice of the minority is become the controlling voice in the laws of our land. Thoughts were expressed that supported the comment made by one of our speakers, that we need to

•  let our lives be ordered and regulated by the Word of God, and recognize that
•  the further we are from God’s Word, the further we move toward ungodly life styles.

Some final notes, although far from exhaustive…

•  You can be popular, even religious, but once you start to declare the cross of Jesus Christ, you soon become unpopular. Nevertheless, you should stand out in a crowd as one who has Christ living in you.
•  The Christian life is not a one-time decision. It is an ongoing lifestyle of sitting under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. If we understand this, we will walk in and under Christ.

Next time you’re watching a movie, listening to a conversation between two people, or sitting under the teaching of godly men, be conscious of those powerful, thought-provoking one-liners. Watch for them and write them down. You just might find yourself keeping a personal log, or maybe even writing a blog about them!

Psalm 119:105

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (KJV).

“By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path” (The Message).


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  1. Heather Joyes.

    <3 So many thoughts and people come to mind reading your thought-provoking essay. Over the years I have been fortunate to meet some people who have willingly shared their special talent/s. I have also met and formed deep friendships with a few who blessed me greatly with their spiritual gift/s. They have a seat in my heart as they are now with the Lord.

    Isaiah 26:3-4 comes to mind as I read about butterflies gaining strength from the sun just as we gain peace and strength as we focus on Him.

    Ps. 119:105 is also a favourite from my Pioneer Club days. 🙂

    So for a one-liner, here are two.

    1. "There are no short-cuts." I shortened this one from "In life there are no short cuts; process is still the best way to get ahead." Also, J.R. R. Tolkien said, "Short cuts make long delays."

    2. "Purpose is everything."

    Great piece, Ruth.

    • Ruth Waring

      Keep them coming, Heather. Always looking for more words and thoughts to blog about, but more importantly, to think about!

      • Heather Joyes.\

        🙂 <3
        Two more – (1) "Peace follows faith" – (actually from a three liner I wrote – "Peace follows faith – As love follows an open heart – all bestowed by His grace.")
        (2) "Conviction before compromise." (H.J.J.)
        Appreciate the encouragement, Ruth.

  2. Doug

    The story of the butterfly stirs my thoughts on our God. The beauty of creation reflects the beauty of our Creator. Thank you for stimulating the thinking juices in the brain. Continue writing what God has put on your heart. Love, Doug

  3. Heather Joyes.\

    Just a couple more brief one-liners.
    – Imagination precedes facts. C. S. Lewis
    – Peace is a guidepost. H.J.J.
    – Portion control is important. 🙂
    – Life is the flower for which love is the honey; Victor Hugo
    – Humility is the most beautiful of all virtues. Simone Weil
    That’s all for now. 🙂

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