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Being Reminded to Remember Who My GPS Is

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Blog, Food for Thought, Quotes | 6 comments

Psalm 46:10 written on a plaque beside my desk at our trailer

I know that’s a strange title, but it summarizes my summer, simply and perfectly.

I’ve spent July and August at our-home-away-from-home, at our trailer on Mary Lake in Huntsville. To be fair, our trailer is not ‘on’ the lake, rather in a trailer park at Muskoka Bible Conference (MBC), 12 minutes south and west of Huntsville, Ontario. Spending 9 weeks here (since I am still here!) has been a privilege, and I must add that I have an amazing husband who has giving me his blessing during my exodus, seeing him on weekends and for his two weeks holiday.

So why the title? Let me explain by going back to the last week in May and the first week in June.

I attended both Women of Grace weekend retreats at MBC. It was during one of those weekends that I was reminded of Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” It’s a well-known verse and is often used to challenge, encourage and remind us to be still before God. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with my daughter that I discovered a new meaning. She pointed out that even though we are reminded to be still—an important approach to life for any believer in Christ as Lord and Saviour— the focus on the verse is to be reminded who God is. When I read the verse again and put the emphasize on the last part of the verse, it took on a whole new meaning…”…to know that I am God.”

And as the Lord would plan things—as only He can do— the theme for the summer conferences at MBC was Remembering God! Isaiah 46:10, “Remember the former things, those of long ago: I am God, and there is no other.” It couldn’t have been better timed or planned…but then, I’ve never known God to miss plan anything, even though I’ve not always understood what and why He does what He does.

Throughout the nine weeks we were reminded that God is love, ever-present, merciful and just. That He is holy, all-powerful, the Creator of all things and always faithful. Two other reminders stuck with me: God is good and God is personal. Why would I single out those two attributes of God? Certainly not to choose which is better…that is as impossible to do as it is for a Monarch butterfly to re-spin a cocoon and become a caterpillar again. No, it wasn’t about which was/is better; it was about being reminded that God is my GPS, my Good and Personal Saviour! No matter where I ‘travel’ in life, God will be my personal Guide. He will never let me take the wrong road, lead me astray or leave me to wander aimlessly and without purpose.

This is the last week of the two summer months when life will return to ‘normal’ for me. When I return to the ‘real world,’ autumn will be in the immediate future and the trees will contribute to God’s creation with their breathtaking change in colour. It is a beautiful time of the year in the Muskokas, and I do look forward to walking among the fallen leaves and taking an exhaustive number of pictures.

But, autumn also means putting our trailer ‘to bed’ for the winter and waiting until May, next year to unearth it and begin the pleasure of enjoying what God has so abundantly blessed us with. I am trusting and praying that I will not succumb to the busyness of life and become lethargic in my spiritual growth during the long, cold winter. I am trusting and praying, too, that I will remember that God is my ever-faithful, unfailing GPS.

I’ve been reminded. Now I need to remember! Hope this helps you do the same!


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  1. Susan Duke

    So glad you had such a lovely summer. We are still hoping to connect with you at the camp and will contact you shortly. Your GPS message is delightful.

    • Ruth Waring

      Hi Susan! Your impute on my posts is always an encouragement! I stretch myself sometimes when I write them, but you’re always there in the wings cheering for me. Love you for it! I, too, hope we can connect in the near future!

  2. Heather

    How wonderful you were able to escape the busyness and soak in the beauty that Muskoka has to offer. A great area to be still and know He is your GPS – always.

    • Ruth Waring

      Thanks, Heather. I did in deed have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our trailer. Only wish Doug could have been there more than 2 weeks and weekends! I have enjoyed my horse whispering experience (re: my July post) and was part of MBC’s Creation Week by sharing a story I wrote for children that including horses and God as Creator. Rather unique for me, given my preference to write for adults, but I had fun doing it. The children and adults seemed to enjoy it. Hard to think of the season being over, although we do have until Thanksgiving Weekend and then we close it for the winter. Always nice to connect through my blogs.

  3. Darlene L. Turner

    Love this post, Ruth. Thanks for the reminder that God is our GPS! He’s always there even when I get too stressed and forget He is! Shame on me. 🙁

    love you!
    Dar xo

    • Ruth Waring

      My dear friend…take heart…you are not alone in forgetting. Unfortunately,’Life’ has a tendency to do that to us. But aren’t we blessed that God is patient and loving? Sometimes it takes a reminder for us to step backwards and remember Who is in control. I know I did this past summer. Very humbling, but such a relief to know that God is at the helm and I’m just the co-pilot. Love you tons!

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