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Love Never Melts

Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Blog, Food for Thought | 2 comments

There’s a story told of little Johnny who, when drilled by his mother following his attendance at Sunday School, shared his understanding [or perhaps I should say his misunderstanding] of the Golden Rule. With all the confidence and clarity of an eight-year-old, he proudly recited the verse: “Do to others what others do to you!”

Wow! Out of the mouths of babes!  A child’s point of view, something we may excuse or even smile at. Yet, I can’t help wondering if the verse was simply misunderstood or if the human nature of the young child caused him to interpret what would benefit him and justify any future confrontation or dilemma. Hmmm…interesting thought!

However, as adults, we are not permitted a childish interpretation of Luke 6:31; yet we may be guilty of taking this approach more often than we want to admit. In a self-righteous, hands-off attitude, we may feel justified in quoting, What goes around, comes around, silently hoping the offending party gets his or her just desserts, and soon!

When we are confronted with hurting, thoughtless words…words that cut to the core, how do we respond? Do we ever want to retaliate with equally hurting and thoughtless words? Do we search our inner resources for an equivalent retaliation? Or, not having the bravado to vocalize them, do we just think them?

If we consider which is worse, what is spoken can be more damaging than those thoughts buried in the depths of our being, unheard and never known by anyone. Yet, I believe both are harmful. Both suppress anger and resentment. Both are peppered with a do-to-others-what-others-do-to-you mentality.

And, of course, there is always the pious approach: I will just have to leave it with God and He will take care of…. Then we can feel exonerated from any guilt created from our angry thoughts!

As if!

But it’s so easy to think like that and feel justified, especially when we are on the receiving end.

Let me go further and add a dash of salt to our open wounds. How do we respond when we are blindsided, when the pain and hurt comes from a person we least expect? How do we respond? How should we respond? Do we retaliate, a tit for tat? Hold a grudge and break down all communication? Or, do we confront, with the hope of reconciliation, pray for guidance, then forgive and forget?

And if our efforts fail, do we continue to love, regardless?

Life isn’t perfect; neither are those with whom we interact, be it family or friends. Neither are we, for that matter. But when we are confronted with the pain of hurting words, we can’t leave room for resentment or bitterness. It just doesn’t work. It’s too damaging. And we certainly can’t dwell on doing to others what others do to us.

…that’s the way I see it.


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  1. Heather

    So many thoughts come to mind. Your two previous pieces could be related to this great piece. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.” The Shadow knows…and he isn’t talking. Masks hide innermost thoughts that we are not ready to reveal.

    Many times we don’t know what someone is going through – what prompts cutting, hurtful words. Matt.5:44 exhorts us to bless, pray and love our enemies. Often we gain understanding and peace in doing so. He can work in their hearts as well. Love melts hearts.

    • Ruth Waring

      Heather, I find it amazing how God works in one’s mind, especially in the mind of an author/writer. I just started to write and God led. There was no intention of connecting previous pieces and yet you’ve managed to see the connection! Thank you for your insightfulness, once again! After posting it, I thought of so much more I could have written…maybe I’ll keep those thoughts for a sharing time when I speak! We’ll see where God takes it:~) I love the phrase, Love melts hearts!

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