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Stepping Out of the Box

Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Blog, Books, Friends | 14 comments

Sitting in a kiosk in a mall in Dieppe, NB—having a chai latté with soya and cinnamon—I read the following from a magazine: “Making the right choice often means choosing the thing that both excites and scares you!”

For me, planning a 17-day trip to the Maritimes for a book tour/speaking ministry certainly qualifies as exciting and scary!

How so? Because it involved driving a distance I had never driven before (4238 kms in total); crossing the border with boxes of books and material that I prayed would not be questioned (they were not!); contacting people I never knew and churches I never knew existed. (Yes, I had some connections, but basically I was coming from nowhere, introducing myself and inquiring if there would be an interest in my ministry!).  And of course, there was the three-hour ferry ride from St. John, NB to Digby, NS and a second one to PEI. (I don’t do ferries very well!)

Scary is a good word!

I have to admit that prior to going, doubts continued to haunt me. Was I nuts? Did I really think I had something to offer? Who will want me to come…I’m an unknown? After sending out letters and bios in February and hearing nothing for weeks, my daughter gently reminded me that just because I had not heard from anyone did not mean God was saying No. So, I waited, and waited, and waited to hear something, and then finally one church confirmed its interest. A date was set and I was off to the races…how exciting…or so I thought!

The waiting period stretched into months and it was not until late summer that my itinerary was firm and I had eight bookings over a two week period!

Now I was committed. Now it was time to be really scared!

September 8th was the departure date and my good friend, Luella Smith willingly joined me as my co-pilot, manager and laughing companion (You wouldn’t believe the stories…but you know the old saying: “You had to be there!”). We left at 7:00 A.M. in the middle…and I mean middle…of the worst rain I have ever driven in. A portion of Tropical Storm Leslie (upgraded to Hurricane Leslie a few days later) accompanied us, and even though I was forced to drive for an hour at 60 km with hazard lights blinking, I felt God’s hand on me. I was calm and assured that He was in control! We crossed at Ogdensburg, NY and called it a night in St. Johnsbury, VT. And the rain stopped!

The next day and those following were completely in God’s hands. There I was…in the Maritimes speaking, meeting, teaching and discovering the warmth of the Maritimer’s heart!—I was told before setting out on this adventure that people on the East coast of Canada are special. That doesn’t begin to describe the love and generosity showered on me and my friend.

Having ginger cake at Peggy’s Cove with Steve and Dale Longard, our hosts in Halifax.

And through it all, God continually answered many prayers on our behalf, encouraged many and gave me the privilege of being blessed!

Suffice it to say, I started this adventure in the midst of a storm; but during my 17 days away, I KNEW that despite the dreadful storm, the fear of the unknown, the weariness that comes with such an undertaking…and my doubts, I was right where God wanted me to be! I had made the right choice!

And, isn’t that what life is all about: stepping out of the box—our comfort zone— and trusting God?

Exciting? Scary? Absolutely! But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


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  1. Luella Smith

    Sounds exciting and fun, scary at times. The Lord blessed and He is good all the time. Sure glad you invited me to go with you.

    • Ruth Waring

      I couldn’t have done it without you! I don’t think I’ll ever look at torrents of rain falling in front of a diner the same…not after our ‘bath!’ And then there were those pictures on the highway…can you hear me…I’m still laughing:) Love you!

  2. Susan Duke

    So glad you are home. I missed you even though we only get together 3 or 4 times a year. I am not at all surprised at your success. I knew as well as God knew you were going to be a hit. You are right about this East Coast Canadians. We can all take a page from their book on gentleness and hospitality.

    Am looking forward to hearing some of the anecdotes of your trip sometime soon.

    Keep up the good work.

    Your loving cousin


    • Ruth Waring

      Susan, I know you will LOVE the stories I will share. Poor Doug…he may have to listen to them again…but they are worth it! Thank you for your support and encouragement. I think of you as a ‘sister’ instead of a cousin-in-law! Look forward to getting together real soon!

  3. Heather

    You were in His hands and He knew you were ready. Thanks for sharing some of your journey. Praise Him.

  4. Doug Waring

    I thank the good Lord that He allowed Ruth and Luella to to do this journey together. God knows His servants and He knows how to bring two people together as friends and use them for His Kingdom. Thank you Luella for being a good friend to Ruth. I know you two gals will be remembered well in the Maritimes. Some might even remember you both as sisters when they see photos. Sure is nice to have my wife home. When she started telling me some of the stories and encounters I was a little envious that I hadn’t been there.

  5. Darlene L Turner

    You were at Champlain Place in Dieppe! Love shopping there. I’m so glad you had an awesome trip to the Maritimes. It truly is an amazing place (I’m not biased or anything!). I’m proud of you…this was a huge step and God gave you the strength. So cool. Congrats Ruth. Love you. Miss you.
    Darlene xo

    • Ruth Waring

      Hey!!! Now I understand why you love going back home! I want to go back…with Doug, this time. It’s too difficult to describe the beautiful countryside, the easy-going nature of the people and the slower pace of life…loved it! God answered everyone’s prayers…I had absolutely NO problems in ANY form while away! The trip was certainly a God-thing! Loved feeling people’s prayers and His presence~~~totally awesome!

  6. Marilyn

    You have no idea how timely your post was. It was like the Lord was saying, “Come on. You’re not the only one. Step out and trust me. So encouraging.

    • Ruth Waring

      Thanks, Marilyn! Isn’t it amazing how God works! I woke yesterday morning feeling the need to share something about the struggles I experienced prior to going east. It’s hard to write everything about what God did while I was away, but the ‘trust’ part seemed to jump out at me. Glad He used it in a special way.

  7. Janet Sketchley

    So glad your trip went so well, Ruth. I really enjoyed the memoir workshop you taught our writers’ group in NS.

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