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There is Something About That First Ride.

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Do you remember your first roller coaster ride? Do you remember the anticipation and excitement that was soon replaced with utter terror when the car climbed ever so slowly up the first ‘mountain’ and then raced downhill at lightening speed toward a hairpin curve? Like me, did you believe in your heart of hearts that you were about to fly off into outer space?

I have a vague memory of my first ride being on the Sunnyside Flyer at the now non-existent Sunnyside Amusement Park on Lake Ontario in Toronto. Making the decision to take that first ride on The Flyer was easy: until I actually sat in the car, I knew I could always change my mind! But I didn’t. I trusted the attendant as he closed the car door and strapped me in.

As the car moved slowly away from the boarding station, I quickly questioned my decision—by whatever means a child of eight can do that! I don’t remember crying, I don’t even remember screaming! In fact, I don’t remember anything about the ride only that I DID it! I actually rode The Sunnyside Flyer and lived to tell about it. And as often as I have experienced the thrill of many roller coaster rides since that day, nothing compares to my first ride.

This past Monday I experienced another first. My daughter, Jenn and I shared a speaking ministry to a group of ladies at Muskoka Bible Centre on Mary Lake near Huntsville, Ontario. Did it measure up to the thrill an eight-year-old experiences when she flies with the wind on a roller coaster? Probably not! And yet, there was an element of anticipation and excitement—and I have to admit even fear—as two heads, two hearts, two ideas came together.

When I think about it, I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing the thrill that comes the first time we say ‘yes’ and step out of our  comfort zone and dare to fly! I suppose in a lot of ways, it’s all about trust. I trusted the attendant…and I trust God. The last verse of a poem I wrote and inserted into the opening pages of my sequel reads:

Following my Leader, I will soar high

Sometimes faltering, often doubting

And at times even questioning, why?

But, I’ll hold His hand…and fly.

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